The Curse - Kletba

They’re coming in the gloomy dusk, led by burning torches
Black cross is marked on their shields, symbol of our bondage
No escape from the cross, gods are forever lost
Baptised in the morning light 

Light up night with fire of our pride
Flames are chalenging to fight
Svarozic’s horse – the tongue of the gods
Rearing in circle, doesn’t want to move
People ask: what does the prophecy mean?
Horse stuck in circle so still
Left means to die and right means to win
But now we are in the dark 

For centuries blood spills the land, war is neverending
And Retra’s buried in the ground, Arkona’s in ashes
Holy church still hankers, for souls, blood, it’s hunger
Burning down Slovanian gods 

Distatant curse is coming back to life
Finally showing real face
Slovanian land is torn to pieces
Elbe sees the death of our common roots
Light up dark with fire of our pride
Unity’s the key to win
When brothers kill their brothers in fight
Then the curse is finaly real

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